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Aircraft Inspection & Repair

Providing General Aviation Aircraft Maintenance - Public, Private & Corporate


Our shop rate is $85.00 per hour for piston and $95.00 for turbine.

SERVICES INCLUDE (Scroll down for Annual & PrePurchase info)

* 100 Hour Inspections

* Repairs

* Modifications (Including)

--- JPI Engine Monitors

--- Engine Preheaters

--- GAMI Injector Systems

--- Oxygen & Nitrogen Service

---Engine R&R for Major O/H

IF NEEDED, we can arrange to have your Prop Balanced, Airplane Weight & Balance, and IFR Certification completed while inspections and/or repairs are being done.

OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE in our shop, working on:

* Cessna

* Beech

* Piper

* Mooney

* Lanceair

* Columbia (certified Columbia Service Center)

* Diamond

* Cirrus and more

Annual Inspections

Most single engine fixed gear aircraft take 15-20 hours to complete an annual inspection and complex and light twins take around 25-35 hours & larger twins take around 35-55 hours.

We use manufacturer's maintenance manuals specific to your aircraft’s model and serial number.

We remove or open all necessary inspection plates, access doors, fairings, and cowlings.

For the annual inspection items, the manufacturers checklist is what we generally use. The absolute minimum we use is the checklist provided in Part 43 Appendix D. To view the scope and details of this checklist please click on the following link: Appendix D of Part 43

We use manufacturer’s data pertinent to your aircraft’s model and serial number for all tolerances.

We use a data library published every two weeks for ADs, TCDs, Specifications Sheets, and any Service Bulletins associated with ADs.

As part of the annual inspection we check:

  • The current status of all ADs requiring recurrent actions
  • The status of the Static System and Altimeter tests due every 24 months or whenever involved in maintenance or installation
  • The status of the Transponder test due every 24 months or whenever involved in maintenance or installation
  • The ELT condition, operation, and status of the Battery due date

We offer general maintenance services that would normally be completed during an annual inspection, such as tire changes, cleaning and re-packing wheel bearings, oil and filter changes, spark plug cleaning and re-gapping, airframe lubrication, and cable and linkage adjustment, hose replacement, baffle seal replacement, etc.

We provide a detailed list of the findings, including any un-airworthy items found during the inspection. We will not perform any maintenance work without your prior approval.

Pre-purchase Evaluations

If you are thinking of buying a plane, a pre-purchase evaluation is a wise preventive measure. There can be any number of hidden issues such as structural damage or corrosion. A thorough pre-purchase evaluation can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs in the future. Together, we will decide the extent of the evaluation needed. We will create a checklist for everything that will be checked, and once the evaluation is complete we supply you with a report that lists the condition of each item inspected.

The evaluation can be simple; a close visual inspection of the airframe, a cylinder leak down check and borescope, an AD search, logbook research for AD compliance and current status, equipment installed on the aircraft, entries for form 337s. Or the evaluation can be as thorough as an 100 Hr./ annual inspection.

The cost of a simple pre-purchase evaluation is 4 to 6 hours for most single engine fixed gear aircraft and starts at 8 hours for complex single engine and twin engine aircraft. To be safe, we recommend a complete annual inspection for a pre-purchase evaluation.

Overall, a pre-purchase evaluation can provide you information that will help you decide whether to make an offer or walk away.